Thursday, February 17, 2011

It was a year ago today...

It was exactly a year ago today when I made the last post to this blog. A simple post regarding Walmart veggies vs. Whole Foods.

During that year, I managed to land a pretty cool job with a medical device company, only to discover it wasn't a cool as I first thought. Oh, and I got married. That is turning out to be WAY cooler than I ever could have dreamt.

I have to stop using the word "cool". Even in a casual blog like this, it just isn't... cool.

So there you are. I think I'm going to try and update this blog a little more often. And by "more often", I mean more than one post per year. Maybe something on a daily basis.



Craig said...

Welcome back!

I have your blog on an RSS feed in Outlook, so I'll be keeping up with the new posts.

Cool, eh?


Erich said...

Uh oh... I have a reader. The pressure is on now. It was so much easier when I didn't think anyone actually read this. heh.