Monday, July 20, 2009

$4 Trillion... and Counting

The Federal Government is spending more money than it did in WWII. Actually, it has been for a while, but take a look at THIS GRAPH. The numbers are getting insane. Glenn Reynolds calls it "looting". That's not strong enough for me. I think these assholes know that this will destroy the value of the dollar and is completely unsustainable. They are trying to create a financial crisis. Once there is a proper crisis, they can cram through whatever legislation they want.

I think this spending is treason.

Yeah, that's a strong statement - not one that I'd make lightly.

The Federal Gov. is not spending TWICE what it did as near back as 2000. Does anyone think we didn't have enough government then? This is a massive payoff to the well connected and politically influential.

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