Saturday, April 11, 2009

Interesting Instapundit Links

These are a couple of interesting posts from Glen Reynolds.

The first is a graph the past and projected Federal Debt going back to the Bush years, and forward to the Obama Administration. For eight years, I heard TONS of criticism about the massive spending Bush was running up. Now Obama has stepped in a managed to outpace even the irresponsible spending of GWB. I didn't think that was possible... sigh...


The second post is a great link to a post by a favorite history author of mine. He has some - ehem - radical ideas for dealing with the pirate resurgance. His methods of dealing with the threat largely mimic what Jefferson attempted (somewhat successfully) during the Barbary Wars of the 18th Century. The ideas - although seeminly harsh by todays more "enlightened" standards - would almost certainly work today. Alas, these policies will never be enacted.


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