Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Kindle!!!

A few days ago, I got a used Kindle (first edition) from a local retired guy who wanted to upgrade to the new Kindle 2.

I got it for an insanely good price. So much so that I almost feel bad that the guy didn't really know what it was worth. But, it's not my fault that he didn't see what they were going for on ebay. heh.

I've read a bit on it for the last few nights, and I have say - this thing ROCKS. It's totally unlike reading on a computer. The e-ink technology makes it like reading a paper book. Unless you've seen one in person, it's hard to describe how cool it is.

It has a free wireless connection to the internet. Not great for browsing, but you actually can check your yahoo! mail with it.

The SD card slot makes it stupid easy to load documents and books. You can also download them from the Amazon store instantly. Prices are okay, but not great for most content. I haven't bought anything yet as I have a large collection of e-books that can be converted to text files and read on the Kindle.

Anyhow, this isn't meant to be a comprehensive review. Those can be found in many places online. I just wanted to blog a little about how cool this thing is. I almost can't wait for my first plane trip with it - the ability to travel with a small library with me is just too cool.

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