Saturday, December 20, 2008

Epidemic Pedophilia?

I didn't notice this particular phenomenon while I was living in England, but it's a disturbing trend.

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Anonymous said...

I think the article you link to makes a great point about parents going overboard when it comes to "protecting" their children from men, sometimes at the expense of unknowingly exposing their children to abuse by family members or relatives (which is far, far more common). My only criticism of the article is Mary Jackson's citation of the U.S. report, Child Maltreatment. She cites this report in support of her argument that more females commit abuse than males. This is slightly misleading. Child maltreatment includes child neglect. According to the U.S. report, in 2005 a whopping 62.8% of the maltreatment cases were categorized as neglect, compared to 16.6% that were categorized physical abuse and 9.3% that were categorized as sexual abuse. I would bet that broken down by maltreatment types, males would outnumber females in cases of sexual abuse.

That said, the point remains that the perpetrators of sexual abuse are very rarely strangers. More often than not, they are family members or relatives.