Friday, November 21, 2008

Which Book Should I Read Next?

One of the great dilemmas in life is choosing the next book you want to read. It's up there with "who should I marry?" and "what will I do for a career?".

A wrong decision can lead to innumerable hours wading through such snooze-worthy tomes as "Ulysses", by James Joyce. Or anything by a 19th Century Russian novelist. snooooore.

THIS is an interesting idea for a site. They ask you what style or mood you are looking for in a book, and then present you with a list of titles that may fit that mood.

Are you looking for something that is "disturbing", "violent" and has "sex"... or something more along the lines of "happy", "optimistic" and "short".

Here are the top three results for each of those searches, respectively. (that's a tribute to my Korean friends)

"Disturbing, Violent and Sex"

"American Psycho" by Bret Easton Ellis

"Notice" by Heather Lewis

"Seven Tales of Sex and Death" by Patricia Duncker

I have a copy of "American Psycho" on my bookshelf. It is easily the most disturbing book I've ever tried to read. Yikes!

"Happy, Optimistic and Short"

"The Funny Side: 101 Humorous Poems" by Wendy Cope

"Rock Crystal" by Adalbert Stifter

"Taking Off Emily Dickinson's Clothes" by Billy Collins

Um... ok... that didn't work as well. Yo Billy... what the heck kind of title is that for a book? Fantasize much?

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