Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Running Low on Primary Care Doctors

THIS is an interesting article on primary care medicine. According to the laws of supply and demand, at some point salaries should go up if there aren't enough of us. Right? Maybe? Please? One can only hope.

I'm a big proponent of electronic medical records, but to think that will solve the issue of increased documentation demands is just idiotic. Yes, I just called Obama's idea idiotic.


Anonymous said...

The laws of supply and demand are already taking effect. Kaiser Sacramento recently bumped the starting salary for Family Practice Doctor's from $150K a year or so ago to $180K to try to recruit more of them. UC Davis is lagging behind by about $40K, but they are soon about to raise their starting salaries to stay competitive.

At a recent meeting I learned that a lot of the older doctor's HATE using electronic medical records, especially the ones that give you check boxes for symptoms and don't allow you to record all the nuisances that can be written in a traditional SOAP note. The older generation who isn't as technically savvy also finds that the electronic medical records slow them down, because they tend to first write out their note and then input the info later, leaving them with twice as much work. The younger generation of doctor's loves the electronic records, but Obama is going to see some major protests from many of the Baby Boomers.

sarah said...

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