Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Genetically Modified Food = The Next Holocaust

HERE IS a bit of idiocy for your reading pleasure this morning.

The woman featured in this article is a chef from Australia. She's banded together with Greenpeace (her first mistake) to rail against the evils of GM food. Along the way, she compares people who design GM food to Hitler - the man who caused the genocide of millions. Sure thing lady... that seems reasoned.

This anti-GM craziness has now officially gone over-the-top. There's even a term for this type of logical fallicy. Reducto ad Hitlerum.

On a related note, my girlfriend works for a biotech company that is involved in agriculture. They have a new technology which uses the genetic machinery of the cells to modify the DNA. No external DNA is used.

The problem is that women like our friend Margaret Fulton likely have NO understanding of the significant differences between this and traditional GM. Cibus is going to face a lot of the same anti-GM hysteria and discrimination that traditional GM companies face. Even if it's explained to them in small, easy to understand words, there are many people who will still say, "But but but... you're messing with the genes! You can't play GOD!!!"

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