Thursday, October 30, 2008

OK, This Is The Last Election Blogpost, Honest

Mark Steyn is always a hoot.

This is an amazing race. The incumbent president has approval ratings somewhere between Robert Mugabe and the ebola virus. The economy is supposedly on the brink of global Armageddon. McCain has only $80 million to spend, while Obama's burning through $600 mil as fast as he can, and he doesn't really need to spend a dime given the wall-to-wall media adoration.

And yet an old cranky broke loser is within two or three points of the King of the World. Strange.

(via instapundit)

Addition: THIS is a good summary of my thoughts for this election. I'm one of those 10-15%, and it sucks.

Thomas Sowell described the choice the other day as "a choice between disaster and catastrophe" which doesn't seem that far off for someone who believes in limited government and individual liberty.
heh, no kidding.

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