Thursday, October 16, 2008

Modern Day Slavery in Dubai

I'm on record for being quite a vocal critic of the human rights violations that routinely take place in many countries in the Middle East. Whether it's women, gays, or just anyone who isn't a member of a very specific religion, most of the cultures in that part of the world don't exactly have a great track record for human rights.

It was only a few months ago that the lunatic leader of Iran proudly proclaimed, "We have no gays in Iran." (I'm paraphrasing.) Of course, he left out the part about killing any homosexuals that are found. A small, yet highly significant detail, methinks.

And now, thanks to Gizmodo and The Guardian (UK newspaper), the dark underbelly of the new Dubai is being exposed.


Some of the comments on the Gizmodo site predictably try to blow it off with the justification "Well, America did it once..." Yeah asshole, and we fought a WAR amongst ourselves to stop this sort of thing to. 150 YEARS AGO! Maybe it's time the Middle East join the 21st Century. Are you trying to say that what's happening in Dubai TODAY is okay because America had legalized slavery at one point in it's history? What? Really?

It worries me that there is a significant portion of our "enlightened" society in the West that is so willing to overlook these things in other parts of the world. $100 says this guy also believes George Bush is the real threat to human rights. If so, the inability to separate real evil from political differences will be our downfall. (maybe a bit of hyperbole, maybe not.)

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