Monday, June 2, 2008

Things NOT to do with your Jeep

Elizabeth and I just got back from Basalt Colorado. While there we attempted to go on a couple of hikes in the local mountains. These are the REAL Rocky Mountains... not the little hills we are used to in Southern California.

Being late May, it was still early in the Spring for the winter snow melt. As such, the ground was... shall we say... a wee bit soft in spots.

So we're cruising along on a gravel road, miles from anywhere, when we come across a mud patch in the middle of the narrow road. No problem, the Jeep has 4 wheel drive, and there are tire tracks in the mud. We'll make it across no problem, right?


We hit the mud and proceeded to sink quite unceremoniously to the lower edge of the door on the right.

A few spins of the tires and there was little doubt that we weren't going anywhere. Not without another large truck or maybe Yoda to do that trick with the Force when he got Luke's X-wing out of the swamp. Where's Yoda when you need him anyhow, eh?

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